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At A1 Pest Solutions Inc, we are your trusted experts in tick extermination throughout Winnipeg. With extensive experience and a commitment to safe, effective pest control, we provide residents and businesses with reliable solutions to tick infestations. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure your environment is free from these dangerous pests.
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Identification of a Tick Problem

Recognizing a tick problem early is crucial for effective control. Ticks are often found in tall grasses, bushes, and wooded areas, attaching themselves to animals and humans that pass by. Common signs include seeing the ticks themselves on pets or family members, tick bites, and in some cases, symptoms of tick-borne illnesses such as fever or rash. If you notice these signs, it’s essential to contact a professional exterminator promptly.

Treatments Used To Control Tick Infestation

Pesticide Treatments

Our approach to combating tick infestations includes advanced liquid treatments that are specifically formulated to target tick habitats effectively. These treatments are applied to the perimeter of your property and high-risk areas like tall grasses and bushes where ticks are commonly found. Our environmentally safe insecticides not only eliminate ticks on contact but also provide a residual effect that helps prevent future infestations. Additionally, our treatments are carefully chosen to ensure the safety of your family and pets while delivering maximum effectiveness against ticks.

Habitat Reduction

Reducing the habitat that ticks thrive in is a fundamental part of our extermination process. This involves strategies such as mowing lawns regularly, clearing tall grasses and brush around your home, and removing leaf litter. By altering the landscape to be less hospitable to ticks, we significantly decrease the likelihood of tick presence on your property, providing a long-term solution to tick control. We also advise on proper waste disposal and storage methods to further reduce tick-friendly environments, enhancing the effectiveness of our habitat reduction efforts.

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